"We've been in business for 20 years and we've used a number of recruiting professionals. The reason we use ARS exclusively today is their ability to listen to our needs and identify candidates that meet the specs. No up-selling. No trying to convince us that a round peg fits a square hole. The right people for the job every time."

- Curtis Zimmerman

When I have a challenging opening to fill, I turn to Debbie and Kathy of ARS to bring me quality candidates quickly. They are very resourceful in their ability to uncover talent and match them to my needs. And they are also an absolute joy to work with -- we developed an instant rapport and trust which I find to be an incredibly important component in the client/recruiter relationship."

- Julie Boston
VP, Associate HR Director
Rubin Postaer & Associates

"Debbie and Kathy are what recruiters are supposed to be but too seldom are. They are exceptionally good at determining both what you need in a candidate and then in delivering outstanding options. They have an extensive network. The result is much higher quality candidates than I have ever seen from any other recruiters. I've learned to call Debbie and Kathy first and let them tell me the search is outside their area of expertise rather than to even consider starting elsewhere."

- Glenn Alexander
Director of Human Resources
Merit Entertainment